Monday, August 9, 2010

A Mother by any Other Name…

I have always found it interesting that each of my four children chooses to use a different form of the word “Mother” when they speak to me. I believe it is an interesting reflection of their personalities and the way in which they approach life.

My daughter, 19, calls me Mama. “Mama, what are we doing today?” “Mama, don’t look at me like that.” “Mama, I have work today till 10.” It’s an endearing way of showing just how much she relies on me while also being a little more grown up. She may be nearing twenty, but she still needs her Mama.

My oldest son, 17, calls me Mom. “Mom, can my friends come over?” “Mom, do you want to go to the sporting goods store with me?” “Mom, let’s play Feud on Facebook.” I’m blessed to have a teenage son that still enjoys time with his mom. He’s more independent and wants to solve things on his own. Thus the more succinct “Mom”. He knows I’ve always got his back and he’s got mine.

My second son, 12, calls me Ma. “Hey, Ma, do we have taekwondo today?” “Ma, come see the video game character I just created.” He is my thinker. He likes things to be simplified. Ma is certainly the simplified version. So serious – “Ma, I need you to look at this bug. Is that normal?”

My third son and my youngest, turning 11 shortly, still calls me Mommy. He’s never wanted to grow up. He used to insist on being called “The Bebe” when he was a toddler. (Pronounced: BeeBee) Now that he’s having to grow up some, he holds on to calling me Mommy, usually accompanied by a snugglebug. “Mommy, I love you million.” “Mommy, (insert brother’s name) is being mean to me!” He’s a little firecracker. Hot temper and huge heart.

Whether I’m Mama, Mom, Ma, or Mommy, it sure feels good to know they are referring to me. What a blessing each of them is with their unique personalities and approach to life. My heart is filled with them.

“Her children arise up, and call her blessed.” Proverbs 31

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