Monday, August 9, 2010

Review – The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

Author – Kevin and Alex Malarkey

The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven by Kevin Malarkey is the story of a family faced with tragedy coming face-to-face with God. Kevin Malarkey was driving his six year old son Alex home from church when the unspeakable happened, his distraction resulted in a car accident leaving Alex paralyzed and near death. After two months in the hospital and innumerable prayers by friends, family and even strangers, Alex comes out of his coma and slowly begins revealing his time spent in heaven and the angels who visit him. This is a true story based on the accounts of Kevin, Alex (now twelve) and the many prayer warriors who continue to pray for his full recovery.

Kevin Malarkey’s story and the input from Alex are both compelling and startling. For believers, the presence of God is very real. However, very few ever experience God speaking to us, angels visiting us, or get the privilege of time spent in Heaven prior to death. We know God CAN do this, but we don’t expect it to happen to us. Alex’s faith, even in the presence of quadriplegia, is astounding. Perhaps we can all learn about the true nature of God through the eyes of a child.

No matter whether you choose to believe the events they relate or not, the story of faith, prayer and family is worth the read.

** Review copy received free of charge from Tyndale House Publishing **

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  1. Wow, this book sounds amazing! I think it would be a good book to add to our collection! Thank you for the review!!! Blessings!


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