Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Homeschool Library Builder

I’m always searching for a bargain – it’s in my nature to never pay full price for anything.  This is also true when it comes to our homeschooling materials – I want a good deal!  When new ways are brought to my attention to save money – I like to share!
The TOS Homeschool Crew is doing an informational review of the Homeschool Library Builder (HSLB) site.  This site is run by two homeschooling moms and offers new and used books for sale at discounted prices.  After searching through the library, I can see where those using a Charlotte Mason approach, or using curricula like Sonlight, Beautiful Feet, Heart of Dakota, Ambleside, etc. will find this site very useful!

Here's an example of the savings you will see on the site!

We used Sonlight for several years, and one of the challenges was finding all of the required books at good prices.  I wish I had known about this site then.  Walking through the lists of books was like stepping back a year or two and embracing those times on the couch spent reading award winning books to my boys!

Homeschool Library Builder offers a free membership that offers several benefits.  First, you earn points for purchases.  One dollar spent equals one point.  Fifteen points equals $1 credited to your account for future purchases. 

In addition, their Savings Program allows you to earn points for referring new customers.  When a new customer makes a purchase and lists your name as a referral, you earn 45 points ($3) of credit.  Additionally, if you are a blogger, 75 points ($5) can be earned by linking to HSLB on your blog.
Currently, HSLB is offering 25% off purchases for May!  If you are starting to assemble your homeschool library for next year, now is a good time to check them out and reap the benefits of discounts on already low prices.

Disclaimer:  I completed this informational review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.

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