Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mutitasking is the Enemy of Extraordinary

My husband came back from a leadership conference two weeks ago and brought with him several ideas for “family improvement.”  I have to say I haven’t been all that on board as he keeps telling me “read the book!”  Apparently, the keys to personal success can be found within the pages of a book part of his seminar was based on. 

So, when he kept telling me and the boys that multi-tasking was the enemy of extraordinary, I didn’t take that terribly seriously either.  I do somewhat agree.  When we are not really focused on any one thing, but are attempting to do too many things simultaneously, none of them turn out extraordinary. 

One focus he keeps telling me about is on stopping to really listen when someone is speaking to you.  I agree, this is essential when the topic is important, but when it’s just conversation, I didn’t think it mattered all that much until…

We were at the lunch table yesterday, and my youngest son was telling me a story.  In the middle of his story, I handed half of my sandwich to my hubby, and he made a comment.  My son stopped talking, his eyes dropped and his lip quivered a little.  My heart dropped.  What message had I sent – that what he was telling me wasn’t that important.  That HE wasn’t that important.  Ouch!  I apologized and told him I was in the wrong and that I was very sorry.   He rebounded quickly and finished his story with a smile.
I don’t ever want to make my children or anyone else feel that way.  I’m a classic scatter-brain – my head is going in ten different directions all of the time.  However, I now see exactly what my hubby was trying to tell me.  Make the moment count, pay attention and what happens can be extraordinary.

From now on, I’m going to strive to give my full attention.  Even when a conversation seems unimportant to me, it just might be very important to the one telling it.  If I don’t really listen, I’ll never really know, and with teens I just might miss something that is critical. 

Come to think of it…  Where did I put that book?

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