Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The teens in our area, including my own, have discovered an anime series called Homestuck.  It's the most convoluted, extensive story I have ever seen.  The writer uses MSPaint to create pictures of his characters and flash to create animations that go with the story.  My head spins just trying to follow the story line. 

Here's my son's drawing of the "trolls" of Homestuck.  I tell ya - it's given them lots to talk about with friends, a sense of community, has forced strong critical thinking skills to keep up with it, and has brought back out the artist in my middle son.  Win!


Do your teens read Homestuck?


  1. Homestuck isn't an anime. Just saying. Otherwise your art is good. Though it needs Feferi Peixes!!<3 Feferi is best troll.

    1. That would be my fault - I don't know the difference between what is an anime and what isn't. I'm sure my teens would have noted this as well. :-) Glad you like his drawings...

  2. I'm 17 and I read HomeStuck and I can see why would say its convoluted especially after hearing people talking about it lots without having read it. I can't imagine how confusing it must all sound :L Those are some really awesome drawings though, he did a good job of capturing creepiness of Gamzee (the one with the scratches on his face) Pity my favourite Troll Karkat is only just in view on the top picture :P


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