Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Review - HEV (Home Education Videos) Project

HEV (Home Education Videos) Project
Cost:  Pay-What-You-Want
Ages:  6 and up

I was invited to review the HEV (Home Education Videos) project website.  I’ve seen several sites with videos, but this one intrigued me.  For one, they have a pay-what-you-want subscription.  Yes, you read that right.  You pay what you can, there is no set price.  Much like me – you’re probably thinking, Wow! 
See, most of the video sites I’ve reviewed charge a parent an arm and maybe a leg for a subscription.  As homeschooling parents, we often forgo an income in order to be home with our kids educating them.  Expensive is typically not in the budget. 

I’m amazed at what they are offering at such a generous price!
John and Claudia Orgill developed this site.  John has been in web and graphic design for the last decade, and Claudia has spent the last five years along with John homeschooling their children.  They decided to combine their talents and provide a real, God-centered learning environment for homeschooling families.  “We want this to be a place where every time a learner comes, they are learning something that will open their mind, teach them something valuable, and bring them closer to God.”

The site has numerous videos on all sorts of subject matter, perfect short additions to what you are teaching your kids at home.  Videos are also included for parents strengthening their resolve to be home educators.
All of the videos are family friendly.  Unlike other sites, HEV ensures that each rises to a high moral standard so that our children can freely surf the site without concern.  “Each one of them is edifying and strengthening to a student’s heart, mind and soul…”

The over 300 videos provide instruction on a wide range of topics:
For Learners:  Creating Men, Creating Women, Courses, Gifts & Talents, Making a Difference, Book Reviews, Debate, Writing Critique and Spiritual Thoughts.

Each selection has subcategories with videos – for instance Creating Women includes the following:  Beautiful Girlhood, Crocheting, In the Kitchen and Self Defense.
The Courses section is outstanding with over 200 videos on topics ranging from Science to World Geography and Culture to Chess to Guitar and so much more!

To see a list – click here.

I love the variety and the tone in which each video is delivered.   They are short, well produced and clearly target their audience.  Basic English grammar rules target young children, while crochet shows up-close video of the skill being taught.  Science experiments each have two parts (How to do the Experiment and How it Works) as well as downloadable  Project Instructions and Worksheet for the lesson. 

I honestly cannot get over the professional level of the videos.  Again, having experience with other video sites, HEV is putting out a high-quality experience.

For Parents includes information on Home School Life, I was homeschooled, and Book Lists.  Of course, I think the courses are for parents too.  I loved the crocheting videos and am anxious to learn some skill at chess!

In addition to their video offerings, HEV is developing a Debate Forum where students can politely employ their argumentation skills.  A Writing Critiques section will not only include videos about writing critique but will have a forum where students can submit their writing for peer review.  As a writing teacher, I cannot speak highly enough about the learning advantages of peer review for both the writer and reviewer!  Finally, a monthly contest challenges students in various skills like writing, art, science.  Submissions are grouped by age and small cash prizes are awarded.

Visit this link to find out what subjects and opportunities are In Production or Coming Next.  The list is exciting!

My heart is warmed just knowing there are still people out there willing to contribute in such a big way without focus of financial gain.  I’m astounded by this family’s contributions and grateful for the opportunity to spend time on their site.

For a free one week trial to see just want I am raving about go directly to their homepage.

 *** Disclaimer:  I received a free subscription to HEV in exchange for my honest review.

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