Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blog Cruise - Dreaming of Something Different

This week, the Homeschool Blog Cruise asks, "If you didn't homeschool, what would you DREAM of doing?

If I didn’t homeschool, what would I DREAM of doing? Wow – what an interesting question since for years I dreamed of homeschooling. My husband wasn’t initially convinced it was the way for us to go. After sending our two oldest to high school, he realized there’s got to be a better way.

I know God was right there. My oldest is major social and would not have liked homeschooling. We would have bucked heads constantly. I believe my oldest son would have benefitted from homeschool, but he has found his own way and we are blessed for that.

I don’t want to be doing anything else right now.

If I HAD to pick something else and it was a DREAM job, then I’d be a reviewer for resorts. Send me around the world, let me live in the lap of luxury, eat gourmet food, take exotic excursions, and then write about them. That would be my dream job. Of course, if they want a family perspective, I’d bring the kids too and we’d homeschool on the road. Whoops, we’re back to homeschooling!

Honestly, having the resources we do here in the Charlotte area and getting to spend each and every day with my boys immersed in education is a dream come true. I’ll just be sad when it’s over.

What about you?

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  1. A reviewer for resorts! Now THAT sounds awesome! I would love to travel more also. I did a lot before I was married but not so much now. God certainly keeps my adventures flowing here on the home front LOL
    Thanks for sharing your dreams!

  2. Now that would be an interesting job wouldn't it.....we could blog about those things as well. Things like that just wouldn't be as much fun without the kids along though. The kids would love where do we sign up :)

  3. Now, why didn't I think of that? A reviewer for resorts. Sounds like fun! I'm glad you're enjoying homeschooling, too, though! :)

  4. I wish I had thought of that. I'd love the opportunity to travel and see the world and bring my family and wrap homeschooling all into it. That would be awesome! Thanks for sharing your dream. :)

  5. Reviewing resorts would be fun! But like you said, imagining life without homeschooling is really difficult. It seems many of us moms on the Blog Cruise think the same way :)

    BTW: I follow you now, sorry I hadn't yet.


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