Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fostering Baby Birds

These are our new foster babies.  Little robins who were in a nest in a man's gutter that he cleaned out.  Instead of just moving the nest (yes, you can do that!), he dropped them off at animal control.  If you have a nest in a bad spot, just move it to a better one nearby.  Mom will find them!

They'll be off to a bird rescue tomorrow - we're just the intermediary before transport.  Aren't they cute?  They eat every two hours or more, just like us humans.  Fortunately, unlike humans, their mom doesn't do nightly feedings.  Good for me - I'm not much of a late nighter myself.  :-)

If you're in the Charlotte area and have waterfowl that need help, you can contact the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.  They do amazing work!


  1. Two summers ago we rescued a baby fawn one day, and two very, very newborn birds that had fallen out of their nest during a storm on another day.

    We know better (now) to contact authorities, but at the time we couldn't seem to figure out where to take them all. We fed wet dog food to them and they grew big and strong enough to try to fly. One made it, the other did not... sadly.

    It was an interesting science summer.

  2. Hi Shyla,

    Yeah, I'm feeding meal worms and wet catfood. They enjoy it. Sounds like you did the right thing!



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