Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fifteen Years and Counting!

Today is our fifteenth wedding anniversary! Quite the milestone in my opinion. Four kids, a house, several jobs, homeschooling, peaks, valleys – it’s been quite a ride.

I remember meeting Scott – it was May 1994, and he was on the basketball court at work. He has some pretty good skills – even today! I love a man who can dunk a basketball! He wasn’t cocky. In fact, at the time, I think he was more interested in getting back to the game than talking to me.

We struck up an IM conversation sometime shortly after that. Yes, we’re both geeks. He invited me to lunch to hear about a trip he just took. A few days later, we had dinner and saw Forest Gump. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Then he invited me to the “mountains” for the day. Originally, I backed out, but then decided to go.

What a great date! See, I’m a mountain girl being from Colorado. I don’t think the Blue Ridge is really mountains, more like big hills, but I was game anyway. We started the date at a bakery followed by a hike to the cascades waterfall. Lovely! Then on to Boone to see his alma mater, lunch at Macado’s, and a walk through town. Partway through, we stopped at Mountaineer Mania where he bought my two young children t-shirts (I was hooked!). Hiking followed where we got “lost”, but he was able to find our way back. Finally, a little serenade with his guitar by the river and our first small kiss. We ended our day by going back to Blowing Rock for dinner and ice cream and an animated conversation on the way home. Perfect!

While in the mountains, I noticed there was a place called Tweetsie Railroad. What a fun place to take my three year old daughter and one and a half year old son. Scott agreed and back up to the mountains we went a few weeks later. He carried my little boy on his shoulders almost the whole day. I’m pretty sure that’s when I fell in love.

Scott has carried two more boys on his shoulders since then while shouldering the responsibility of our big, rambunctious household. I don't know what I did to get so lucky, but I do know I’m looking forward to the next fifteen as well!


  1. Congratulations! What sweet memories I hope you both have a special day:)Just awwwww....

  2. This guy sounds like a keeper !!! :-)

  3. a man who can dunk a basketball... and shoulder a lil' one. attractive, indeed. congratulations!!

  4. Fantastic! Happy anniversary!


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