Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Week of School

I really can’t believe how time flies. This completes our third year of homeschooling and it feels like we just started last August. It’s a little scary because in four years, my older son will graduate. I just don’t want it to go by that fast!

We’ve had a great year – lots of learning, lots of experiences, lots of growing. Exactly as I had hoped it would be. Not perfect, of course, but a blessing.

Teaching Textbooks was our favorite discovery for this year. The boys went from hating math to tolerating it. I can’t ask for much more than that! I also got to review for The Old Schoolhouse magazine’s Homeschool Crew, which allowed us to try different curriculum we otherwise would not have. The boys were hesitant at first, but they got into the idea of trying something new and giving their opinions.

The big plans for next year are set. It’s amazing how much has to be done in May in preparation for August. Both the boys will be in Gavel Clubs next year working on their public speaking. Older has been accepted into the Homeschool National Honor Society and has begun working toward his Congressional Award. Our co-op has sent out the classes for next year, so we’re set with what they’ll have there and what we’ll tackle independently. I hope to help lead yearbook at the co-op with my older participating and will be coaching a Battle of the Books team with my younger as a member. Most of the curriculum has been bought with the exception of a few items I’m hoping to snag used or on sale.

Next year marks a new adventure for me as I tackle computer science with the homeschoolers. At the co-op, we’re offering Computer Applications and Alice, each a semester long. It’ll be easy teaching the Computer Apps, but Alice will be a new horizon. I’m blessed to be able to attend a two week program at Duke to learn how to integrate it into the classroom. It’s exciting!

Now, it’s time to think of summer and sneaking in all those “educational” opportunities under the guise of having fun. Learning never stops – it’s just not called learning during the summer.

Are you ready for next year?

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