Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Turnaround Turning Fear into Freedom Review

Turnaround: Turning Fear into Freedom

David A. Russ, Ph.D.
Christopher T. McCarthy, M.Ed.

Cost:  Currently 20% off – 167.95 (payment plan is available)

If you have a child with an anxiety disorder, you know how difficult it is for that child to branch out or sometimes even get through each day, not to mention the hard task of dealing with night time.

My son has struggled with anxiety – it has been heightened with the onset of puberty. My heart breaks when I see him struggle with day to day tasks that many wouldn’t think are a big deal, but to him are sometimes insurmountable. He worries – constantly. To the point of freezing up.

I emailed doctors Russ and McCarthy, the developers of Turnaround, to see if they felt this program might be something that could help my child. After emailing discussions, we agreed that while my child is a little older than the target audience (ages 6-12) it was certainly worth a try.

Turnaround is a thirteen CD set. There are ten lessons or ten “days” that the child works through. There is also a “Chill” disk that the child can use at night to help with relaxation, and two Parent Guide disks. Additionally, the set comes with a workbook that allows the student to work through what they have learned each day and identify their areas of fear and how to overcome them.

The set was developed by Dr. David A. Russ Ph.D and Christopher T. McCarthy M.Ed. who together have over thirty-five years of trained clinical therapist experience.

The audio CD’s for the child are setup as a camping trip where kids with different anxiety based disorders go to get help overcoming their fears. Along on the camping trip is a previous child who overcame her fears the year before, two doctors, and several characters that help the child identify and face his/her fears.

The fears covered include – OCD, school phobia, separation anxiety, generalized anxiety and panic attacks. Each disorder is addressed through a child on the camping trip allowing your child to identify with that character and see how he/she goes through the journey of identifying and facing down his/her fear.

You can listen to examples of the CD’s and the kids on the trip by clicking here.

What really helped my son was realizing that his anxiety was a separate thing from who he is. He isn’t his anxiety; anxiety is just one facet of his personality that he can overcome so that his other strengths can shine. Using the CD’s advice, he was able to identify the anxiety by name and recognize when symptoms of anxiety were coming upon him and focus on trying to control them rather than have them control him. He still has a long way to go, however. My son is very logical, and when what scares him appears logical it’s very hard to overcome. The CD’s talk about differentiating between What If’s and What Is. He’s still working on that.

Parents should listen to the CD’s with their child. What I found interesting while listening to the CD’s is that I too exhibit anxiety traits. Now I have a better sense of where he gets these fears and realize that I need to model strategies to overcome them.

This is a terrific tool for parents of children with anxiety. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to try it with my child. He has learned and will continue to learn from the lessons provided. Additionally, we have a branching off point to discuss further what his fears are and to try to come to reasonable and safe ways for him to face them.

If you have a child suffering from any of the listed fears, please take this opportunity to visit the Turnaround web site to better understand how this program can benefit your family. Now is the time to help your child so that he/she can grow into adulthood with confidence. Turnaround has a 90 day money-back guarantee – you can return it if you find it isn’t working for your child.

*** I received a copy of Turnaround free for my honest review.

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  1. I am doing turnaround and I love it! I like how I can relate so much to the kids. I have a lot of anxiety about tons of things and their almost gone!


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