Monday, April 30, 2012

Mom Loves Massages! - Mother's Day Contest and Review

If there’s one thing I love – it’s a good massage.  No, I don’t frequent the local masseuse, but I do love it when I can talk the hubby or boys into a good backrub! This is even more true now that my son and I do taekwondo.  This 40+ body gets sore from all of that working out!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  I usually ask my hubby for a massage (by him) for every occasion.  This year, my massage came in the mail! 
Getting to review the Wahl Heated Therapeutic Massager was a real coup for me! 

“Wahl Heat Therapy Heated Therapeutic Massager has 2 heat settings, variable power from gentle to intense massage and comes with 9 Home Physical Therapy Attachments. It has a 9 foot cord for optimal use. The zippered storage case holds everything you need - no more losing attachments. (# 4295)”

I love all of the attachments!  Different massage heads for different parts of the body.  The Deep Tissue Massage is my favorite because it’s great on my shoulders and neck.  That is where I get the most tense – be it exercise or stress, that is where my muscles feel it the most.  The head massager is great for tension headaches as well.  Having a headache at least a couple of times a week, it's nice to have the massager there to offer some comforting relief.

The heated attachment is wonderful for those sore muscles earned while exercising.  It takes about five minutes to heat up, and you have to check to make sure the temperature works for you, but the heat combined with the massage really helps loosen those sore muscles!

The price is just right for this massager as well.  At $45.00 or less, it’s an item moms can have handy to relieve stress and pain for both themselves and their family.  The accompanying carrying case means I can take it with me to tournaments.  If a team member has an injury, muscle strain or cramp, we’re ready to go!

Wahl Mother’s Day Contest
Not only do I get to enjoy the benefits of my own portable massager, but Wahl is having a Mother’s Day Contest and giving away 50 massagers to 50 wonderful mothers for Mother’s Day!

All you have to do is Like Wahl on Facebook and then nominate a deserving mom to win the mom relief package from Wahl.  It can be any mom you know – it doesn't have to be yours.  To enter, you just post a comment about why that mom deserves relief on the Wahl Facebook Wall.  The contest runs from April 26th to May 13th – so drop on by and reward that special mom in our life with a nomination!
I have already nominated a dear friend that I know is most deserving.  Who will you nominate?

Disclaimer:  I received this product free of charge as a member of MamaBuzz in exchange for my honest review.

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