Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sensa Update #2 - Sick + Holiday = Off the Wagon

I’m pretty sure the sore throat had nothing to do with Sensa.  I did spend the week up to Easter with a cold, however.  No fun. Being sick really kills my dieting motivation. 

Easter was a bust.  NO sprinkling and lots of eating.  It happens.  I’m back on the wagon and will begin sprinkling again.  Doh!
The good thing is there is a friend at TKD that has been losing weight and is doing great!  She’s inspired me!

How do you fight your cravings?  I just LOVE food.  I love healthy food, and I love unhealthy food.  The problem is that unhealthy smells SO SO SO good.  It’s hard to pass up when it’s right there in front of you.
Moderation is also an issue for me if something tastes really good.  Do you have that problem?  What is the best way to be moderate if you are going to splurge when there’s nothing stopping you but sheer will?

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