Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Break - Do you do it?

I tend to be a head’s down, do it until it’s done kind of person.  That means that we rarely take breaks during the school year.  My boys complain because the school systems seems to have a break or two each and every month.  We do take a week at Thanksgiving and two at Christmas.

It’s not that I don’t like a break – but we are in a demanding co-op that doesn’t take “teacher work days”, so taking a break simply means doubling up on stuff the next day.  That’s No Fun!

We are finally done with co-op.  We love it, but now is the time to change tempo a bit and relax just a tad.  We’ll be going full steam until June and then slow down to a pace of just finishing up any work that needs to be finished after that. 
Full steam means incorporating field trips now, which is such fun!  I miss fieldtrips that we took when they were younger.

This week is “Spring Break”.  We’ll be doing our mandatory testing Wed-Fri, but all subjects are on hold for the week.  I have to admit – taking time off is a good thing. 
Do you take a spring break?  Do you take breaks during the school year as well?


  1. We do take Spring break. My husband is a public school teacher so we usually take the weeks off that he is off. This year we took the whole week of Thanksgiving off, 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week in February, Good Friday and now we are off this week.

    We started school in early August and we didn't take any Monday holidays all year. The curriculum I was using really was a 5 day curriculum and I just needed to do it that way to keep myself sane. (Am I sane? HA)

    We have about 4 weeks of school left. Woo-hoo!

    1. Hi Karen,

      It sounds like you have this down pat. I know what you mean about the 5 Day curriculum - you either have to squish two days together or fenegal to get it all in that week. Two cheers for maintaining sanity!



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