Sunday, April 15, 2012

Persistance and Hard Work Paying Off

Like most parents, I always encourage my children to give their best.  “Persistence and hard work pay off” is one of our mantras.  Small successes can lead to bigger successes.  As Master Singh, our TKD leader, tells us - now that you’ve persisted, you need to taste a win in order to feel the fruits of your labor.  (He says it more eloquently that that, though. )

My son and I have been practicing with the demo team at our dojang since December.  This was a new team assembled of various belts.  Some had been on the demo team before, but many of us had not.  All-in-all we ended up with 29 people. 
The big tournament of the year is held in Raleigh.  That’s been our focus.

Starting the Performance
This year – the team showed up, did their best, and ended up taking 2nd place!   I’m so proud of everyone’s amazing efforts.

Master Singh was right – we were all to the point where we just wanted it to be over.  Lots of practice, lots of stress, and no chance to taste success, yet.  However, winning second made everyone light up.  Hard work paying off! 

Getting the trophy
I’m proud of our team and elated that everyone was able to enjoy recognition for all those hours and hours of practice and hard work.  Who knows – next year, if we keep it up, we may walk out in 1st!

It feels good to watch your children taste success, doesn't it!  How do you teach your children about persistance?  Is losing just as important a lesson as winning?

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