Friday, June 29, 2012

Beating the Heat with Teens

Next week is shaping up to be miserably hot for most of the U.S.  We’re still thinking about our friends and family in Colorado/Wyoming dealing with the horrible fires.  I lived there for over 20 years and never went through anything like that.  Scary!

So, what is a family with teens to do on days when it’s even too hot to sit by the pool?
Movie Days!  We don’t watch TV much and rarely go to the theater, but I’m all about watching movies with literary ties to them.  My boys, not so much.  However, if it’s Lord of the Rings, they are willing to give it a shot.  I’ve seen one of the movies, and they haven’t see any of them, so, for nine plus hours, we’re going to watch them.  I’m really hoping it encourages them to read the books.  Plus – the Hobbit is coming to the big screen this year!

My middle son wants to invite a bunch of friends, buy copious amounts of snacks, and make it a marathon.  I’m thinking more like a three day run.  We’ll see.  I like the fact he’s getting into it!
What to do with the rest of the week?  I’m not quite sure.  Why is it that we have all these wonderful plans for summer and then the heat just makes us want to veg inside?  Blech!

What do your teens and tweens do to beat the heat?

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