Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Evicted by Snoring

Snoring is a problem in our home.  First, the dog.  She’s a Boston terrier with a scrunched face, and boy can she snore!  During our homeschool day, there is at least once where we have to locate the snoring animal and make her stop because the noise is distracting.

However, the real issue is at night.  The dog has been relegated to sleeping in the bathroom on blankets.  Yes, she was located there because she kept us both up at night.  So, her snoring is a non-issue.  However…  I have very sensitive hearing, and my beloved hubby is a snorer.  I’m not saying I don’t snore – I probably do, but, if so, his hearing isn’t as sensitive.

Sadly, when he’s in a snoring pattern be it from allergies or a cold, I often find myself relocating to other parts of the house.  This relocation is no biggie – we have plenty of comfortable places to sleep.  It’s just that I want to sleep with my hubby.   He always wants me to wake him up and make him leave, but he has work in the morning and I'm already up, so I move on. 

This makes me think.  For as long as I can remember, my grandparents had separate bedrooms.  I never asked why.  I have no idea if it was generational, for comfort, because of snoring or what have you.  My father and his wife have separate rooms expressly because he snores.

Maybe it’s just normal that as we get older sleep takes precedence over proximity?

Hubby says I need earphones or to take a Benedryl so that I sleep through the noise.  While appealing, I’m a worrier and I want to be able to hear if something is happening in my home.  Maybe the best solution is just a relocation when the need arises.

How does your family deal with snoring?    


  1. My husband snores too. He also travels all the time so I only deal with it on the weekends. I'm a light sleeper and up a few times at night because Buggy still wakes up so when hubby is in bed I really get no sleep. Generally he falls asleep on the couch and I leave him there-so I can get what little sleep is availabe. I usually like to check on Buggy a few times as well even tho I can see her thru the monitor and occasionally one of the dogs will wake me up too. So I haven't really slept in years!


    1. Hi Irene,

      I feel for you! Sleeping is so important and yet so low on the totem pole.. Hoping you catch more zzz's.



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