Thursday, August 2, 2012

Comfort School and School on the Run


Where do we do our homeschooling?   Well…  We homeschool wherever we land. 
Our supplies are kept in “buckets”.  We each have one that houses our books, pencils, papers, etc.  They are kept in my study in a cabinet.  First thing in the morning, we grab our buckets and get rolling.

Kitchen Schooling

Most days, our homeschooling starts at the kitchen table.  Lots of light, plenty of room, we can all three sit there, and there are outlets for our computers.   When we started, I envisioned me using a whiteboard to provide instruction.  Honestly, I have, but we really don’t need it.  One-on-one doesn’t really require a whiteboard.

Bed Schooling
We’ve done our share of bed schooling as well.  When my boys have something they need to read, they like to retreat to their or my bedroom to get cozy.  My youngest often brings the dog along for good measure.
Another reason to be in mom’s room is if we have a video to watch – the bed is the perfect place to prop up our feet, break out some popcorn and watch a video.

Car Schooling
Yep, we’ve car schooled.  That’s what happens when we have errands or travel during our homeschool day.  If we have to go somewhere during school, they boys bring their required reading for the day and do it during travel time.  No sense wasting time sitting in the car staring out the window when they can be getting something accomplished.

Vacation Schooling
We definitely school when we travel.  Sometimes we take trips intended to be educations.  We saw the Mayan ruins in Mexico when we were studying Ancient History.  Again, we just pack up school and bring it along.

Where do you homeschool?


  1. Thanks for sharing your learning areas {both home and not home lol} :)

  2. Awesome post.

    We were going to do some schooling at the Mayan ruins back in February but then we decided to build a new house and canceled the cruise. And actually that might be better because we are planning on rescheduling and by then we might actually be studying the ancients again. lol


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