Saturday, August 11, 2012

Trying Out 5-Hour Energy

I received two bottles of 5-Hour Energy as part of a Smiley campaign.  Anything that can give me a little energy is worth a try in my book.  Well, almost anything… 

Anyhoo – I hadn’t tried it before because I don’t like liquids.  Anything medicinal I avoid like the plague, and I was pretty sure this stuff was gonna taste nasty. 
They sent me Pomegranate and Berry flavors.   I’m a sucker for pomegranate, so – bottoms up.  Yep, Yuck!!!  It tasted a little like pomegranate followed by this bitter saccharine taste and then a salty afterglow.  Actually made my tummy do a flip flop.  This had better work!

You know what – it did!  I was really pleasantly surprised.  I needed to go run and had zero energy to do it.  I’d been up way too early and worked way to hard already.  Fifteen minutes after drinking it, I headed to the gym.  I did my run, made it home to change and took in a play with the family that night.  A little over five hours later I was feeling tired, but not before that.  Wow! 
So, I tried Berry next.  Better flavor, same result.  Yay!

You can view the 5-Hour energy site where its contents are described.  They claim to have had the product evaluated by primary care physicians, of which, 73% would recommend 5-Hour Energy to healthy patients.   I'd feel better if that was a higher number, but that's just me. 

I have to say, choking it down isn’t any fun, but having energy for five hours is a real bonus in my book. I want to do more research before I feel comfortable using 5-Hour Energy long term, but, I can honestly say, if I need a boost, I know where I can get it.

Have you used 5-Hour Energy?  Does it work for you?  What other things have you tried for energy besides caffeinated drinks?

*** I received two bottles free of charge at a member of Smiley in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I have not tried it, but I sure have been tempted:) Maybe I will...

    1. Lora, Honestly, I wouldn't have tried it had it not been sent to me, but I'm glad I did. If you're healthy and need a boost, it works. I know there are times when I have five hours or more of stuff to get done and about fifteen minutes of energy to accomplish it. I can see me using it then. :-)



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