Friday, August 26, 2011

I should have been a Homeschooler!

I wish I could have been homeschooled.  It wasn’t even on the radar twenty years ago when I was going through the public system. 

I see my kids learning in ways that wouldn’t have been possible “back in the day.”  I know as a student I hated going to school – it was SO boring.  I didn’t need to sit in a lecture for an hour to be able to go home, read the book and do the work.  I am the antithesis of an auditory learner.   As a motivated student, my goal was always to get it done and get an A.  Grades were a driving factor, but I still loved learning.  I’m glad for that.  Many in the schools today don’t seem to understand the A is supposed to reflect knowledge, not points in a grade book.

As a student, I would have valued:

1.  Working at my own pace
2.  Being able to really pursue my interests and delve deeper
3.  Learning using a hand’s on approach (I’m kinesthetic)
4.  Having co-ops and other activities to go to where I could engage like-minded people
5.  Not dealing with cliques and bullies
6.  Opportunities to take college level work ahead of time
7.  Being home
This may not be the same list my kids would give for why they like being homeschooled, and I’m sure they’d have a negatives list too.  I just feel so blessed to be able to offer them this opportunity as I see that a young April would have really thrived.

Were you homeschooled?  Did you like it?  Would you have enjoyed being homeschooled?


  1. You echo my sentiments perfectly! I would just add being able to go on vacation without battling crowds

  2. I would have loved being homeschooled for all the same reasons. I would only add not caring about clothes, make-up, etc, staying in my PJ's til lunch.

  3. Hi Popping in from the blog hop ;)


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