Friday, March 2, 2012

Court, Consequences and Disciplining Young Adults

As you know by my earlier post, we went to court on Monday with a teen that is close to my heart.  We were waiting to hear what his consequence would be.  If he completes it – then his case will be dismissed.

8 hours of community service.  Apparently, that is the going punishment for shoplifting a beer.  Good to know, I guess.

My first reaction was – that’s not enough!  My second was relief that the teen getting the sentence received something manageable.  Will 8 hours have enough impact to prevent future incidents?  I don’t know.  Judging from the 210 people in court on Monday, it'll be about conscience not consequence that prevents future events.
I find disciplining young adults to be the hardest obstacle I’ve encountered as a parent.  They hit 18 and decide you have no authority – even if they still need to depend on your pocketbook.  You can’t ground them, you can’t sit them in a corner, there’s not much you can take away.  Do you just stop helping them financially alltogether? 

How does a parent guide young adults when the only consequence you can offer it to take away your support?

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  1. I think this could be a warning of another serious problem, such as substance abuse. Along with his criminal consequence, he should receive some sort of counselling, to determine if he may have a drinking problem.


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