Monday, March 26, 2012

Trying Not to Chow Down

My dog is a food addict.  She goes crazy any time she thinks she is about to be fed.  Literally.  She starts shaking.  It’s pitiful.  When she does get fed, she if face first in the bowl taking huge bites and just swallowing.  I don’t know how she does it, but she never appears to even chew her food.  Sad for her since it’s over so fast and she surely couldn’t have enjoyed it that much.
It caused me to think.  Do I do that?  Certainly not to that extreme, but I’m not the type to slow down and that includes when eating.  Eat fast and be done with it.  The quick eating mentality hardly gives me a chance to enjoy my food or to realize when I am full. 

Of course, life is usually on the run.  Eating is done in the car, in front of my computer, in a hurry before we leave for our next activity, so it’s time to make the conscious choice to savor.  Even if that means nibbling my chicken sandwich between errands.

I have to say – one week on Sensa and I have felt fuller when eating.  Now, if I can slow down and enjoy and then feel fuller – it’ll be a real win! 


  1. :) Haha! My dog does that so badly that I bought a ball at petsmart to put in her bowl--it slows her down!It is like this one: it is silly, but it works! I am on a kick to lose 15 lbs by summer, myself...

    1. Thanks, Heather! I may have to try that for her! What's your plan for shedding the pounds?

  2. I always thought that was a "normal" dog. Our's has always been so picky - she NEVER eats her food right away. In this regard she was brought into the wrong family because what she gets is what she gets. No catering going on here. Eventually, she eats, but it always appears to be a concession. ;D


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