Friday, July 8, 2011

High Green Belts! Woot!

The boys and I take Taekwondo together.  It's a great activity to keep us in shape, meet lots of amazing people, and learn discipline all while striving to become good at Taekwondo. 

Today, Middle and the Demo Team performed and then we tested for our high green belts.  This is our sixth belt!  Very exciting.  We've been so blessed with TKD - not only because of the physical aspects, but also the moral aspects taught daily.  At the end of each lesson, we recite the 10 Committments. 

1.  I will be loyal to my country
2.  I will honor my parents
3.  I will love my family and cooperate with them
4.  I will be faithful to my friends
5.  I will respect my elders and care for my juniors
6.  I will establish a positive relationship with my teachers
7.  I will treat all living things with care
8.  I will never seek advantage of those who are weaker
9.  I will only use Taekwondo to benefit myself and others
10.  I will always finish what I start

You can't get much better lessons than that!  What I love is that the instructors all embody these committments making it easy for the kids, and adults, to want to live up to them as well.

Middle Performing with the Demo Team

Middle Performing Self Defense
Three of us high blocking for testing

Middle and Youngest Testing
Middle and Youngest with Instructor O and their new belts.


  1. I've been hoping to get my boys started on this. Maybe in the fall. They want to! I love the code of ethics!
    I'm visiting from VoiceBoks today - already following your fun blog!


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