Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slim Down Sunday Meme - Week 1

Heartfelt HomeschoolingWhether you want to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds or 100 pounds – it always helps to have support from those around you.

This meme is an opportunity for you to share your successes and setbacks with others hoping to slim down as well. We kicked off last week, but this week is the first real link up! Come and join me! 

Same pic as last week - I cut my hair! Hate it! So, give me a week or two and I'll update with more hair and, hopefully, a slimmer self.

Goal – lose 20 pounds
Pounds Lost (Week 1) – Honestly, I stayed off the scale this week. It’s my least favorite week of the month, if you know what I mean, so I always gain weight this week. I didn’t want to start with disappointment. :-)

How it’s Going This Week:

Wow! I couldn’t have picked a better time to decide to lose weight. I am at a two week workshop and we just finished week one. The instruction has been excellent, and they are really taking care of the participants food wise. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

Breakfasts have consisted of fruits along with different items each day like quiche, donuts, bacon and cheese grits… Lunches have been sandwiches, pasta, chicken pot pie… Yikes! Add to that the two bins of snacks they provide each day including chips, candy bars, fruit cups, etc. and it would be easy to put on a TON of weight.

Fortunately, I’m Type A, and a diet is a diet! So, only fruits, veggies and low calorie meat choices for me. It hasn’t been too hard – I’m glad for that! The fruit and salad choices have made it easy to ignore the other sweet temptations. I hope that proves true in week two as well!

As for exercise, well… I have done more walking than normal commuting back and forth to the campus. I did wander down to the exercise room one night to walk on the treadmill. However, no taekwondo, so I’m thinking it’s probably a wash. Something to work on more next week. If the temps are cooler, walking the campus is a distinct possibility.

Plan for Next Week:

I’m going to keep on keeping on with the eating healthy. I do plan to walk the campus or be more active next week. We’ll see. I want to break out my Hungry Girl Cookbook when I get back home as there are many yummy low-cal, low-fat recipes I need to add to my repertoire.

If you haven't checked out Hungry Girl before, I suggest you do. She does a great job of encouraging us dieters while offering great suggestions for eating to lose weight. I LOVE her recipes! 

Where do you get the healthy recipes that help you lose weight? What’s your plan this week? How is your diet going? 

Link up here and then be sure to visit the other links and leave them comments of encouragement as well.


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  2. Elizabeth, Thanks for the post - posted on your page. Not sure why it's not showing up. Urgh! Am trying to fix. If anyone else has this problem, please do what Elizabeth did and include your link in the comments.

  3. Hmm, it did the same thing for me. Here is my link. Maybe you should use a different linky?
    I am not sure why it is doing that.

  4. Ok - new linky is up. I went ahead and added your two blogs so that they were there. :-)


  5. Don't have a link to add, but I do love Hungry Girl! My scales have been on the blink for a couple of weeks and I finally bought a new battery yesterday....stepped on the scales this morning and I guess I should be happy I haven't *gained* but I'm just really bummed I haven't lost! :( (Playin' my harp over here) I'm stuck on top of this plateau....wondering if I'll ever jump off of here! Thanks for posting this great blog! LOVE IT! :)

  6. linked up after all April! :) Hope I did it right! I hope this gives me the motivation I need to loose some weight!! BTW, I like your hair! :)

  7. Hi Jaime,

    Glad you can join us. Plateaus are so frustrating! Keep it up, one day you'll step on the scale and it'll move. Change up your routine a bit - that sometimes helps.



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