Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slim Down Sunday Meme

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds or 100 pounds – it always helps to have support from those around you.  This meme is an opportunity for you to share your successes and setbacks with others hoping to slim down as well.   I wanted to start each week reviewing my goals and fixing any setbacks, thus “Slim Down Sunday”. 

I’ll post each Sunday.  Come on by to link up any time during the week, grab the button on the lefthand sidebar, and then visit and encourage the other ladies who link up.  Also, feel free to follow and post comments rather than linking up if you want the encouragement but prefer not to share your weight loss journey.
Goal – lose 20 pounds
Pounds lost – none to date, I just started
Approach to losing weight:
I have found that the best way for me to lose weight is to watch my fat and calories.  My goal is to drastically cut back on fats while also trying to watch my calories.
I’m fortunate to be at a workshop for the next two weeks.  That means I can eat healthy all I want without having to have my kids on board.  No – “Mom!  Yuck!  Vegetables…”  J
I know that physical fitness needs to play a role as well.  However, I hate to run!  So jogging is NOT in my future.  I’m thinking walking more.  There will be a lot of walking at this workshop.  Once it’s over, our neighborhood is a 1/2 mile circle, so one extra mile a day for starters in addition to TKD I already do twice a week will be the goal.

This is really day one, but I would say there have been a couple of successes already. 
1.  The hubby is on board and supportive.
2.  My BFF has agreed to be the angel on my shoulder guiding me towards success
3.  This blog.  Several of you wanted to join in.  A community makes a big difference in weight loss.

Obviously, none so far.  My sweet tooth will be a challenge.  I love me some sweets! 

I’m SO excited to have you all joining me.  It’s easy to give up when you’re the only one who knows the plan.  Much harder to do when others are keeping an eye on you and encouraging. 
I created a button located on the left sidebar if you want to add it to your blog.

Link up and then visit each other so we can all encourage and slim down.


  1. I think this is a wonderful idea, and I hope to add some links in the future! Thank you for coming over to say hello at my website, April!


  2. Following from the TOS Review Crew! I'll be linking up as soon as this baby boy comes! :D

  3. Looking forward to reading your posts! We'll be able to really help each other succeed!

  4. I'm cautiously keen to join in. Keen because I"m turning 40 this year and have lost weight last year only to put it back on due to stress (read eating). I need / want to loose 22 pounds (10kg for us in NZ). Why? I carry extra blubber AND suffer from genetically high cholesterol. My father died of his 3rd heart attack at age 52 - I DON"T want to follow in his footsteps! I was only 9 - my kids are 11 and 8. It is time to stop playing around.
    I want to be a sexy, healthy mama and wife ;)

    Cautious as I'm struggling with keeping my motivation at the moment although my DH is fully with me (he's lost 18kg /40pounds) in the last year.

    OK - so ... BRING it on : )

    Following from the Crew

  5. I'll join in next week. I just saw this.

  6. Ok April, life's been crazy so I am doing some catch up and just saw this. I'm a week late, but I'm in!

    Walking it is for me as well. Thanks for the noodge!


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