Saturday, July 9, 2011

Youngest Turns 12!

Youngest turns 12 on Wednesday.  We celebrated today because I’ll be going out of town for a two week workshop.  I hate to miss his birthday, but he knows it is a big opportunity (more on that soon), so he’s graciously celebrated early.

After having a sleepover with friends (yawn!), we took him to his favorite restaurant – Sticky Fingers.  A big plate of cheese fries and chicken later we returned home for gifting.

Yes, the trashbag is a gift.  Some things just don't fit in a bag or are conducive to wrapping paper.

One of his requests for this birthday was a body pillow.  :-)  He got a cover for it as well.  Given his lack of sleepover sleep and a big day, that pillow is going to feel really good tonight!
His dad got him a gift card to the Apple Apps Store.  Youngest has been saving up since November to buy himself an IPod Touch.  He's wanted one badly for about three years.  He has saved about $120 dollars to date.  So, Dad got him the App card so he'd be ready to fill it with his favorites (Pocket God) when the purchase was made.

His last gift was fun for all of us.  Knowing how hard he'd saved, we thought the best thing to do was to reward his efforts by making up the difference.

Yep, the IPod Touch he'd been saving for.  I did use his money and let him know how proud we were of his saving.  That face is priceless!  Sissy is smiling for him in the background.  She's the one that showed him how it works and how to download from the Apps store.  A fun bonding time for both of them.  I may have to pry it out of his hands tonight.

I can't believe my "baby" is twelve.  He's been a blessing each and every day, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this amazingly creative young man.  :-)


  1. Happy belated b-day and hope your family had fun. I think kid's b-days are always fun for them when they get to open their presents :) He looks so happy with that IPod.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

  2. He looks super happy!

    stopping by from VB!


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