Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lessons I Learned from Leaving Home

As you know, I’ve been at a workshop for the last two weeks.  My goal is to learn a new programming environment to teach homeschoolers.  Sure, I learned a lot about programming, but I learned even more about enjoying little pleasures.

First, having food ready for you!  I now understand why men have enjoyed the expectation of a hot meal ready for them when they get home from work.  We had breakfast and lunch catered for us.  What a joy to simply get up, help ourselves and go back to our seats.  No choice, no preparation, just the enjoyment of a fresh meal two times a day.  I could SO get used to that!
Second, a room to myself.  They put us up in a hotel and by the luck of the draw I didn’t have a roommate.  A whole room where I could do what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it with nobody to interrupt.  Some may think this lonely, but, when life is always hectic, calm is such a blessing.  I could have the TV on the channel I wanted or leave it off.  I could rest, or work on the computer or go down to the exercise room.  Dinner was on my time and what I wanted to eat.  Bed time was when I was ready.  Wow!  I’ve never lived alone – this was quite an experience.  Mind you – I wouldn’t want it full time, but two weeks of it was nice. 

Third, housekeeping.  Leave the room in the morning, come back in the afternoon to a clean room with the bed made and fresh towels.  Bliss! 
Finally, education!  I love learning!  Getting to sit in a classroom and learn day after day with no household responsibilities biting at my heels was wonderful.  Young college students just don’t realize what they have: the chance to immerse in education with no other concerns.  I wish I could rewind and really take full advantage of those years.

I miss my family and can’t wait to be back into life’s regular routine, but I feel so blessed to have this opportunity for me.    It’s no spa, but I feel rejuvenated nonetheless!


  1. I could really get used to that too!! It must have been really nice to have that. When my in-laws pick up my daughter, I sure feel like it's a mini vacation for me. I miss her when she's gone but I enjoy my little freedom when she's not there.


  2. Sounds like a great break from every-day. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. I totally agree that we mothers should and need to get away sometimes--when we come back, we feel refreshed and like we have more to give! Glad that worked out for you!


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