Friday, December 9, 2011

Do you Wrap? Do you Bow? Do you Bag?

I just finished wrapping my gifts for Christmas – take two!  One more round and it should all be done!  Hurray!  Only a few more deliveries to arrive and one more session and I’m done.

I LOVE the gifting at Christmas time; however, I LOATHE the wrapping.  I know, seems harsh, but I just do.  There is no joy for me in the cutting, trimming, taping, labeling that is wrapping presents.  You know – the visual measuring of wrapping for each present, the taping (and sometimes supplementing if you mis-measured), and then what to do with little leftover slice of paper not quite big enough to wrap a present but too big to just throw away.  Argh!  Once it’s over, I’m thrilled!
I’ve simplified over the years.  My mother was big into bows.  She loved putting them on and made sure we meticulously saved each and every one each year.  Initially, I was in the buy and toss category.  I mean, seriously, a bag of twenty bows is like $2.  But, really, I can’t believe bows add that much to all the gifts under the tree.  They get popped off, and they get squished.  So, finally, no bows.

I could always really simplify and go to gifting bags.  We use them for birthdays or for friend gifts, but aesthetically, logistically and emotionally – I just can’t do it.  Aesthetically, they aren’t really as attractive as a wrapped gift – I mean that tissue sticking out looks ok, but, well, it’s really just paper stuffed in bag.  Logistically, they don’t work under the tree.  You can’t stack them.  Emotionally, they make gifting go too fast.  One swish of the tissue and the gift is revealed.  There’s something satisfying about tearing the wrapping off a gift that is a part of Christmas morn.

So, tell me – do you wrap?  Do you bow?  Do you bag?  Can I hire you to be my wrapping fairy next year?  lol
They do look so pretty under the tree.  To me they symbolize anticipation.  Anticipation of the joy in my family’s hearts as they receive their gifts.  An extension of love to someone through fulfilling even their smallest wishes.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Yes, I'm for hire as a wrapping fairy!

    I have always loved to wrap presents, though I preferred it in the days when I had ample amounts of time to do it. I definitely prefer wrapped presents to bags, but things being as they are, I usually use a combo of both.

    When it comes to opening presents, I really like to open wrapped presents too. Bags just don't have the same build up of anticipation.

  2. There was a time when I LOVED wrapping Christmas presents and wanted a job as present-wrapper in a dept. store. Now, I dread it too, especially when the packages are big and bulky. I still bow, but I've sworn this year, after having to wrap huge presents that took 20 min or more each that 1) I would give nothing next year that was bigger than a bread basket and 2) everything would have to fit into a bag. I understand the logistical problems of stacking but my back can't stand the hours of wrapping. Or....I may just give gift cards next year and be done with it! Those stack easily, don't require wrapping if you use an envelope or little gift box that most stores have for gift cards, and money is what all the kids want anyway! LOL! I still have two HUGE boxes to wrap on Dec. is the day I guess I do it, unless I can find a reason not to tackle them!


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