Monday, December 5, 2011

The Evolution of the Christmas Tag

Last night, I finally got motivated enough to wrap presents.  This is my LEAST favorite part of the season.  Everything else I love, but wrapping, I dread.  However, it had to be done for two reasons.  First, obviously, they had to be wrapped to be gifted.  Second, I needed my closet back.

As I was buried under a mound of boxes, wrapping, tape and tags, I began to think about how our Christmas monikers have changed over the years.  What do you mean?  You ask. 

Well, when Scott and I first dated and later married, our gifts to each other would have tags that read like this:

When I gave a gift to my mother-in-law, the tag looked like this:

And, when Scott gave his mother a gift, the tag looked like this:

That all changed as our family grew.  As kids became our focal point, we were no longer Scott and April, but Mom and Dad.  We even refer to each other as Mom and Dad in daily speech.  This is a moniker we both cherish.  When Christmas time rolled around, it became natural to address our gift tags like this:

Of course, Peggy, Scott's mom, also evolved into Nana.  No longer do we call her Peggy or Mom, she's Nana.  So, all her packages read:

I don't know why this struck me so much, but isn't it wonderful to see our lives reflected on those little tags.  We go from being individuals to part of something so much bigger.

One day, my children will have children.  They will take on the Mom and Dad moniker on their tags.  So, our tags will once again change to something like this: 

I can't take Nana - it's taken.  Nini seems very hip to me right now - I just don't see myself as Grandma.  lol

Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all the Mom, Dad, Nana, Pop, Nini, Poppa, etc.'s out there!

What is your Christmas moniker?

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