Friday, December 16, 2011

Giving Back During the Holiday Season - Champions for Kids #DisneyCFK #CBias

One of the things I really love about the holiday season are the overt opportunities to give back.  Unlike during other times of the year, occasions to give back are everywhere.  We see the Salvation Army bell ringers at the store, the Toys for Tots boxes are everywhere, the groceries have food boxes setup for donation.  While giving should be a year-round habit, this time of year makes it easy even for those who might not otherwise find the time.

As a parent, I think it’s very important that my children grasp opportunities to share their blessings with others.  My husband and I want to be good stewards of what we have been given and provide ways to help our family understand the importance of thinking of others.
Some of the ways we’ve found to do this are through our church.  Each year, churches fill shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child, adopt families in need to provide them with a Merry Christmas, collect food or provide a food bank, go to homeless shelters and retirement/nursing homes to carol – all activities we look forward to each year. 

This year, we have the opportunity to fill a stocking for one special child as part of the campaign for Champions for Kids partnered with Disney.  Picking the child was easy.  My boys and I participate in taekwondo at an amazing dojo near our home.  A young family also goes there.  The father and mother participate in TKD, and they have a young boy age two. I remember when I was just starting out – being young and raising a child.  It really does take a village.  Feeling very isolated and alone raising my two oldest kids was difficult - I would have loved the support of a community of parents.  We want them to know – they are part of a village.
The mission of Champions for Kids is to improve the lives of children through the leverage of people.  What better way to leverage people than to take adults like myself who have been raising kids for a long time now and offer our love and support to a young family?

We’ll be giving this young man his stocking next week.  The boys and I had a great time shopping for things we thought he’d love! 
If you'd like to learn more about Champions for Kids, click here.  You can also follow them on Facebook here, or Twitter here.

What ways do you enjoy giving back over the holiday season?  How do you keep the spirit of giving going even when the holidays are over?  Is there a special child or young family in your area you could help out this holiday?

*** This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias


  1. cool! This is such a fun way to get involved and you sound like you found a perfect recipient! Merry Christmas:)

  2. and giving is a gift to the giver!

  3. Looking forward to seeing the finished stocking!

  4. Hello, I try to keep up with your blog. I wanted to see if I could gleam from your wisdom. We have 4 bio daughters and 2 adopted boys with various diagnosis, bipolar, RAD, ....... I feel in my heart I should home school and I like Heart of Dakota. I get excited ready to go and them I get so discouraged. They are hard to handle, listening skills. I do have many health problems just got out of the hospital this week from complications to gallbladder surgery. I just start the self doubt Maybe I just am not capable of it. I get depressed easy as you can see. I have very little family support for homeschooling. My husband does agree with homeschooling but says I am not disciplined enough. We do not have any extra money to put into a accountability type group or school. They are not very sociable. They would like to be home all the time. but not to work. I also have a 3 year old that can be very demanding. I think I almost need some type of program that gives me accountability for every minute of every day. It is to easy for we to say . We will get to that later. Help ....Love your opinion I pray about it but I feel like I get mixed feelings. I guess it boils down to I know what I should to I just can't seem to get my act together . I know their education is important. Thoughts and prayers.


  5. Lori,

    Leave a response with your email and I'll be in touch. (I won't publish it.) I'm happy to offer encouragement. It sounds like you have a lot of variables to consider.




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