Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adding Fun to the Homeschool Day

This week's cruise asks - How do you add fun to your homeschool day?

Wow, what a great question!  It’s interesting because adding fun was a lot easier when the boys were younger.  We could do creative projects or just get outside, but now that they are older, we are heads down in study a lot of the time.

One thing we try to do is take a walk around the block with our dog.  It’s good to get some fresh air, relax and just enjoy a breather before heading back to studies.  We occasionally go out to lunch.  This is especially true on Wednesdays when we go to taekwondo during the day.  TKD alone is a break from the routine, but grabbing lunch afterwards lets us sit together and just talk before finishing our school day.
While we are in our co-op, there is little time for fieldtrips.  There is so much to accomplish week to week that adding in trips just makes us cramped for time the remaining days.  Fortunately, the co-op ends right before Thanksgiving, so we have a couple weeks before Christmas to be more relaxed.  We bake, see Christmas sites, hang out more with other people in addition to schoolwork. 

Co-op starts back up after the New Year and ends the second week in April.  We go until the second week in June, so we will once again incorporate more experiential learning.  We found we enjoy hiking and may add a few close by mountain peaks to our agenda.  We are hoping to go to San Francisco this year to see the sites: the bridges, China Town, the redwoods.  We’ve been to Mexico and Washington D.C. on other trips.  We may do a Cherokee trip this year as well – I hear they have teepees you can rent to sleep in.  How cool is that? 
How do you add fun to your school day with teenagers?

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  1. By starting early I know for teens that may sound like the oppisite of fun but we start school at 7 school to 12 eat lunch finish up the last few things and are done by 1. This lets my kids have fun and get all of their work done.


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