Monday, January 2, 2012

Review - Toydle Forts

Toydle Forts

Age:  4 and Up
Cost: $149 - $229.99

Toys today are more about electronics than they are about imagination.  At least, that’s how I feel now that my kids are past the “toy” stage but still enjoy playing.  My twelve-year-old is especially creative and loves anything that lets his imagination run.

We were so excited to learn we would be reviewing the Toydle forts.  Youngest has been asking us to build him a treehouse for years.  The problem is that we don’t have a tree sufficient enough to house a tree house.  Then, he wanted to build a fort.  When we were picked for Toydle – this was just the ticket.
You remember the days when we were kids.  Our forts were dining room chairs with blankets draped over them.  This concept is very similar, only much more structured.  The kit comes with pvc pipes for building, blocks with holes in all sides to aid in assembly, and clips so you can attach the blankets when the project is finished. 

Youngest immediately took the kit up to his room to begin building.
After a few tries, he came up with a fort that would fit in his room giving him plenty of space to create a clubhouse of sorts.  First he built the high wall, and then he built extensions coming off of it. 

Finally, we found a hodgepodge of sheets for coverage, and wa-la – a fort to call his own.

 He wanted to sleep in it the first night.  J

I keep suggesting he build something else, but he says no he likes his secret lair and prefers we leave it just the way it is.

These forts are great for the imagination!  They can be easily stored if you don’t have the room to keep them up. There are dozens of variations of structures that can be built.  Before the final fort, we even tried an arch over his bed.

The materials are all very sturdy and easy to work with.  I have emailed a couple of times with the company and am thrilled with the service they provide.
Check this cool video out to see how easy they are to build:

You have two sizes to choose from:

In my opinion, Toydle Forts are a "toy" that can last a very long time justifying the higher pricetag.  As your kids grow, they can use their imaginations to make all sorts of different structures.  This isn't a toy kids will quickly age out of.  I love the kinesthetic aspect of this set.  Kids are forced to use their imagination to create.  I can even see easy homeschool applications like mathmatics, science, and logic using these forts.  I'm glad we are blessed to own one.

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*** I received a Toydle Fort in exchange for my honest review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.


  1. How awesome! I am so glad your son got to try one of these~they sound fantastic and sturdy. So cool!! PS: tell him his room is amazingly clean, lol!

  2. Ha! Yeah, he hasn't morphed into a full on teenager yet. His room still stays relatively passable. :-)



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