Friday, January 13, 2012

Review - A Year with Jesus

A Year with Jesus: Daily Readings and Reflections on Jesus' Own Words

Author: R.P. Nettelhorst

A Year with Jesus was exactly what I needed to ring in the New Year.  I’m a patterns person, and having a devotional book that I can refer to daily throughout a year, starting on day one, meets my need for order.
I really like this book.  The one page readings are quick and easy, yet they give me a lot to digest in just  a few minutes of reading.  Each day starts with a title and scripture. This is followed by a short reflection to get the reader thinking about what Jesus was teaching you through his thoughts, words and actions. 

The book is broken into ten sections:
·         Love and Hate
·         Truths and Lies
·         Arrogance and Humility
·         Friends and Enemies
·         Belief and Disbelief
·         Patience and Impatience
·         Deserved and Undeserved
·         Good and Evil
·         Fidelity and Treachery
·         Life and Death

Each section speaks to the character and mission of Jesus. I’m not through the entire book (obviously), but my experience so far is that it forces me to reflect on what Jesus was saying and what it means in my life.  I can see that some of the above sections will include some conviction, come challenge and some comfort.  This is all something I look forward to.

I would recommend this book to just about anyone.  Why?  Because you don't have to be Christian to learn from Jesus’ teachings.  If you are seeking, learning one small step at a time might be the ticket to helping you define your faith.  What did Jesus have to say?  What was His message?   What do his words say about me, to me and what am I to take away.

If you’re seeking, why not take it one small step at a time?  The daily reading is very short allowing you to explore further if you have questions or are seeking additional answers.

*** I received this book free of charge from BookSneeze in exchange for my honest review.

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