Tuesday, January 24, 2012

B-Man Passed His First CLEP! One Step Closer to College Success!

One of the things we have hoped to do with our homeschool journey is to provide the boys with more options for success.  One of those options includes taking college level tests allowing them to test out of those subjects they have a level of expertise in rather than having to take them as general education in college.

Today was the first step in that direction.  CLEP or College-Level Examination Program tests allow students to take a test demonstrating a level of mastery in particular subjects.  Based on the score they earn, colleges will give them credit for that course instead of requiring them to take it.  This varies by college (the score expected and the subjects they allow for credit).
Having done our research, most of the NC state schools give credit for several exams.  The first one on our list is the American History I exam.  B-Man has been taking American History through our local co-op this year.  He's an American History buff.  The American History I exam covers all the content he covered at the co-op up until January.  So, from November to today, he has been studying to take the CLEP in addition to working towards success in that class. 

The CLEP taken at our local community college is $90.  Less than the cost of a college textbook. 

He was extremely nervous.  B-Man was very aware that he was the only fourteen year old there, and he isn’t a fan of new situations.  Scott and I figured that it would be a good experience whether he passed or not.  He’d have experience on a college campus, experience studying college level material, and experience taking a test in a timed, intensive setting.

The score is given as soon as the test is over.  He passed!  He wasn’t happy with his score, it was lower than he wanted, but it was passing and we’re thrilled.  Next time, he’ll know what to expect, be less tense, and I believe he’ll achieve the scores he sets out to get.

B-Man was mentally exhausted when it was over.  He's convinced his brain was swelling from all the pressure.  Ha!  I guess it should feel that way if you get credit for a college course.  I told him to take two Advil.  We celebrated with an appetizer platter from Applebee's - he was a happy camper.
American History II is next on the horizon when he finishes this semester’s class.  It’s exciting to start working towards college now instead of four years from now, and I'm really proud of his hard work and accomplishment!

Have your kids taken a CLEP?  How did you prepare?


  1. Congrads! It is quite an accomplishment for both you and son. We've included lots of CLEPping (verb in my house) into our homeschool course work. There is quite a bit of "overlap" in subjects if he is a history buff -- we studied for American Gov't CLEP and the Civil War DSST after passing US I. Food for thought :)
    Enjoy the journey!

  2. Thanks, Cheri!

    Did you find they were readily accepted? Do you know - if a student transfers and the originating college accepted the credits, does the credit transfer or does the new college have to decide if they take them or not?

    Thanks so much!



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