Monday, June 13, 2011

Cousins Galore

I’ve been hosting my sister’s family at my house this week.  They flew in from Colorado for my oldest son’s graduation.  We’ve been having a ball.  It makes me realize how much I miss them, though.  I’ve already offered to convert the bonus room into bedrooms so that they can move on out here.  J

She has five kids in her clan and we’ve got four.  Aren’t they a good looking bunch of youth!


  1. It's so nice to have family over, especially kids. Watching them interact with each other is always entertaining!

    I'm your newest follower from voiceBoks, nice to meet you!

    Stacey @

  2. So much fun! My brother never visits, but my grown kids always do. I am following back from voiceBoks. Thanks so much for the follow.

  3. They are a handsome group! Americas future is in good hands!
    Congratulations on your sons graduation. How is the fridge and pantry holding out with all those kids around?

  4. Becky,

    We are going through the food at an amazing rate. Ten gallons of tea a day - yikes! So funny...



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