Sunday, June 19, 2011

Strike it Rich with Pocket Change Review

Strike it Rich with Pocket Change
Authors:  Brian Allen, Ken Potter
I chose Strike it Rich with Pocket Change because my husband loves coin collecting.  I was interested in seeing what other aspects of numismatics or coin collecting there are. 
What a fascinating book!  Who knew there were so many coins out there with small blemishes that are worth SO much.  Some of those “errors” on the coins are barely discernible to the naked eye, but given the opportunity can be worth many times their original value to a collector.  I had always figured it was just old coins that had a lot of value.  This book helps you realize that it is the uniqueness of the coin and not just the age that makes it valuable to collectors.
The book is wonderfully illustrated.  Each coin is clearly shown along with a blown up image of the “area of error” and where to look to find it.  Fair market value for the coin is indicated depending on the circulation of the coin. 
Each coin (penny, nickel, etc.) is listed by year for easy reference.
There are some errors that are of no value to collectors and some where there are one a few of that coin with the error ever to have seen circulation and valued at thousands of dollars.  It was interesting to me that the change in my pocket could be worth so much to a collector.  I can’t say I understand why, but who am I to judge?
The book goes on to discuss the buying and selling of these coins, membership in various numismatics groups, and how to have your finds authenticated.  I can imagine that if I ever truly found one worth any money, I’d be hooked! 
My husband got hold of this book and isn’t going to put it down.  He’s very interested as well.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed he finds a unique coin for his collection.  If you have a budding coin collector, or know someone who enjoys rare coins, this is a fun reference book.
***  I received this book free of charge from BookSneeze for my honest review

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  1. Sounds like a book my son would enjoy. Visiting from the TOS Crew. We are using much of the same curriculum this next year!


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