Thursday, June 2, 2011

Remodeling - Making a Room for Two Boys

The younger boys are moving back into a room together now that Sissy is moving home for a semester.  At first, they didn't like the idea, but after some cajoling and new furniture (yay for IKEA) they are happier.

Here's what we've got so far.  The goal was to make a living space for each of them as far opposite as possible in a single bedroom.  So far, so good.  Still waiting on the platform beds to get in, but the mattresses on floor suit them fine since they don't have to make their beds.  :-)

Desk Area 1

Desk Area 2

A Place for all those Legos

TKD Belts


  1. Pretty nice set-up, I'd say. My youngest son slept on the floor between his brothers beds for years. He'd rather be with them than anywhere else. We're so used to bedframes and all, but this'll work for kids.

    I'm planning on redoing my girls rooms later on this summer. What a big job!

  2. Hi Shyla,
    I have platform beds coming, they just aren't here yet. The boys don't mind the floor, though. I'm working on my daugther's room now that she is moving back in. Painting yellow over navy blue - urgh!

  3. My kids did TKD the belt display! For years we just did a sleeping bag on the floor for our 5 boys and they loved it!

  4. Becky Jane - My father-in-law made them for the boys. It makes them extra special. :-)


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