Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A House Full of Family

I am SO excited!

My sister and her entire family are coming to celebrate my oldest son’s graduation starting tomorrow! She, like me, has three boys and a girl. So, all seven are coming, and I couldn’t be happier.

Thirteen people in my house! What a joyous occasion! I know – it’s A LOT of people, but when it’s a houseful of loved ones, there can’t be too many.

This is especially exciting because none of her kids have ever been to my house. We’ve lived here eleven years. When they do come to NC, we like to meet at the beach. Can you blame us? So, getting to host everyone is a real treat.

My only fear – feeding everyone! Since six of the people here will be hungry teenage boys, I may literally be eaten out of house and home. Fortunately, they put in a Mickey D’s about two miles from here a year ago. If worse comes to worse, I can give them each enough cash to raid the dollar menu.

We have three boys to a bedroom, the two littlest kids on a futon in the music room, my sister and hubby are taking my oldest son’s room, we’re staying in our room, and now I just have to figure out where my daughter will go. She can sleep in the room with the two youngest, but she works late and usually comes in around midnight. So, maybe not a good idea? We could put a mattress in our room, but then she’ll wake us up. Hmmm…. Maybe the laundry room? Just kidding! We’ll figure it out…

Are you having family stay with you this summer?


  1. We already had a mother-in-law and friend come visit, so that time has been put in. We will also be meeting my oldest son's "young lady" who will be spending a week with us at the beach in ten days. We are so excited about this and have been doing a lot of lifting up in prayer about this.

    In August, my girls and I will be going for a few weeks to visit my family, which is a long overdue visit.

    I know the sheer number of mouths can seem daunting, but what a gift this time will be. Congratulations to your son and your family. Revel in the blessings!

  2. Hi Shyla, You have a busy summer. We're about there too. I'll spend two weeks doing the Alice training (I'll be blogging about it) and my hubby is off on a work trip for a week. Haven't even had time to think vacation yet. Enjoy your time too! Blessings, April

  3. We have a big family with 7 kids--all on kid #4 now. It gets pretty crazy when we're together. Nothing this summer...Thanksgiving and Christmas are plenty;) Nice to find you through VoiceBoks!

  4. @Courtney - I look forward to those big Christmases and Thanksgivings when they are grown. I've already mandated they will be celebrated as one big, happy, bicker-free family! :-) We'll see how that mandate works when they are grown...

  5. Love it when family come! How fun it will far as keeping those teenage boys fed all I can say is good luck..keep lots of milk and bread on
    Been trying to get a hold of you to let you know you won on my blogaversary. You can view it here:

  6. Oh wow, talk about a full house!!! Have fun with the family. Wish I could say the same but family is spread out in Florida and Argentina (a little too far, uh). Visiting from voiceBok.
    have a Great awesOme Day!!! Barbara,

  7. Hi Barbara, All of this family is from Colorado - a long way, but so happy to have them. Argentina sounds like a great place to visit. I would love international family so that I had the excuse to travel there... :-)


  8. Sounds exciting, April! Congrats on your son's graduation.
    I have to tell you, we have a tiny home- just over a thousand sq. ft. with 6 in my family. My sister and her family- 7 of them all together- will be spending a week here in July! One bathroom and no basement! We are just thankful it is summer & they can play outside! lol 5 boys in one room, 4 girls in the other.

    Enjoy your time with family. Again, congrats to you and your son.

  9. Denise - my goodness - how brave! Seems like with family, there's always room for more. :-)


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