Monday, November 28, 2011

Back to the Grind - Creative Holiday Schoolin'

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving – we sure did!
It’s hard to get back into homeschool mode, though.  We put up the tree yesterday – there are festive adornments all about.  Changing the brain back to thinking about Biology and Geometry and Grammar is hard for the kids and for me!

Three more weeks and then we get another break!  Yay! 
Between now and then, we’re going to take advantage of some of our activities being on hiatus and use some different modes of learning from our traditional textbooks.

Today – youngest and I listened to Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.  This week were going to put together a world puzzle to help reinforce the World Geography he’s been learning at our co-op, and both boys and I are going to build robotic bugs.  How fun!  (All in addition to the usual textbook stuff, of course!)
Baking will be taking place as well.  A little home ec for the Margaret LeBaron Academy.  I can’t wait to taste our “experiments”.    We may even throw in some art in the form or ornaments for family and friends.

I LOVE this time of year!  (Yes, I know you know that already.) 
What fun learning activities will you take advantage of between now and Christmas?

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