Friday, November 18, 2011

Black Friday - Considering the Three S's

I’ve never been a huge fan of Black Friday.  I’m crowd averse for one thing.  For another, I did try going out one year and was appalled by the people running through the aisles when the store opened.  That’s just not in my personality.  Sure, I'm competitive, but Christmas shopping is a laid-back, fun thing to me, not a competitive marathon.

That being said – there are some really good deals out there, and I haven’t started my shopping yet.  Yikes!

So, as I see it – there are three S’s to consider for Black Friday:

Sales – this is a big one.  Free is my favorite number.  After that, anything proceeded by Clearance makes me happy.  I LOVE a good sale.  In fact, I would say I’m adverse to paying full price for anything.

Sleep – this is my other favorite!  Sleep keeps me happy.  Sleep is that cozy, warm place I go to on chilly days when the nap fairy calls my name.  I’m in bed before 10:00pm and not one to spryly jump out of bed in the morning.  Lack of sleep doesn’t wear well on me.  I can get rather, well, grumpy.

Sanity – here’s the key…  Which keeps me more sane – saving money or getting my much valued zzz’s?  Most years, my shopping is almost done by now and Sleep wins; however, this year, I’m barely started and panicking.

So…  Do I brave Black Friday in hopes of getting those great deals sans the callisthenic workout?  Or, do I sleep in, hoping those bargains will be found without the stress?  Which one will preserve my sanity? 

I have the feeling I won’t make that call until late Thursday.  Some of it will depend on whether or not my daughter can go with me.  Some of it will depend on my sleepiness that night.  Some of it will depend on whether or not I have the desire to respond when the alarm goes off (providing it’s set). 

Do you do Black Friday? What strategies do you have?  How much sanity is lost?  Is it worth the bargains you find? 


  1. Believe it or not, Black Friday madness is a tradition for my mom, sisters and me. We meet up around 4AM with our lists in hand, plan our strategy and . . . charge!

  2. Susan, I can see this being a lot of fun if you have someone to do it with! How do you come up with a good strategy? I'd be so nervous that I wouldn't get the best deals...


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