Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Gift Giving - E-readers for In-laws? Help!

This year I’ve seriously been considering getting my in-laws an e-reader like a Kindle or Nook.  They both love to read, but eye-sight can be an issue at times.  The Kindle lets them increase the font size putting less strain on the eyes.  We have an older Kindle that we use all the time in our homeschool.

The problem is that they don’t have internet, thus no wi-fi.  Now, that can be resolved by getting a Kindle with wi-fi; however, it’s a bigger investment.  We’re talking the difference of about $60.  If we’re going to go that expensive, (to me that’s getting to be an expensive gift), then the Kindle Fire that includes a browser for getting online and is color is only $199.  BUT – no 3G, back to the Wi-Fi dilemma.

Add to that, my husband doesn’t think they’ll really take advantage of it, especially if they have to seek out wi-fi to use it.  (Remember my resolution to give only meaningful gifts this year?)

I tend to think there is plenty of wi-fi availability these days so that it could be easy for them to use.  They can download books at our house and would have the online capabilities for the occasional times when they want it.  It’s not like they are going to want to surf daily.  Or, who knows, maybe they will.

What do you think?

1.        Get a Kindle (or if there’s a better e-reader out there – please tell me!) that has no wi-fi and let them download at our house
2.           Get a Kindle with 3G so they can download at home
3.           Go big and get a Kindle Fire
4.           Start thinking of something else
The problem is that they already have everything.  It takes a lot of brain wracking to think of something they’d really like.  We’ve been hit or miss the last few years, but technology is one of the areas they don’t have much.  It’s worth the investment if they’ll use it, but if it ends up in a box (like the digital picture frame), then that’s not money well spent.

Do you use an e-reader?  How about your in-laws or grandparents?  Does getting online make all the difference?  To 3G or not to 3G, that is the question?  lol


  1. My mom is wanting one of those as well...
    ~>When the idea first came out I thought it was cool, but now with smart phones having kindle on them I just dont see it being worth it kwim... Have you thought about upgrading her cell phone instead?

    If I had to choose I'd go with the Kindle 3G..
    HTH :)
    Keri~ A Homeschooling mom loving that curriculum isn't just black and white

  2. Thanks Keri! They aren't big cell phone users, but it's a good idea. I think they'd shy away from the monthly cost. Personally, the 3G makes the most sense, but the Fire sure is tempting. Maybe I'm projecting my wants onto them. lol

  3. Pssst... check out the Black Friday deals at Target for a 3G Kindle. I found the ads somewhere online this evening.

  4. Honestly, unless they have a desire to learn technology I'd skip the techie stuff and go on to something else.

    My parents are the kind who have everything too and so we always get them gift cards, primarily to restaurants. One Christmas we also paid ahead of time for them to stay in a bed and breakfast.

    This advice is coming from a non-techie person who has visual problems if she spends too much time looking at a computer screen, and migraines if she has to spend too much time trying to figure out technology. haha

  5. Hi Bonita,

    I didn't think about headaches staring at a screen. My father-in-law is prone to migraines. Hmmm...

    Yep, restaurant gift certificates are one of my fall-back plans. :-)


  6. Hmmm, my parents-in-law do like to read so a Kindle Fire would be a great gift for them. I understand what it’s like getting a gift for people that have everything. I didn’t know what to buy my in-laws last year and my wife suggested getting them a DISH Network Sling Adapter just like my employee model so they can watch TV on the road in the RV. I was afraid they would have trouble operating the DISH Remote Access app to watch live and recorded TV but they took to it quite quickly. Now I never hear the end of how much they love it. I would get the Fire and keep the receipt. If they refuse to use it or can’t figure out how to operate it then advise you will get them something else and return it. If they like it then you’re home free.

  7. Gman, Doesn't it feel nice when you get something people really love? Sounds like you hit the jackpot last Christmas! I agree about keeping recipts - it doesn't bother me a bit for people to take something back.



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