Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday - I think I Get it Now!

I’m a die-hard money saver.  I always say – my favorite number is free.  One of my goals in life is to never pay full price.  I can’t always make that happen, but, just ask my kids, I come pretty durn close.

Black Friday – you would think – should appeal to me.  It’s all about saving money on Christmas presents!  One of my favorite things in life is to give gifts at Christmas time.  I usually start shopping the day after Christmas and am ready to wrap by the time November rolls around.  Not so this year – it’s been an odd year.

So, I took on the idea of Black Friday.  I was a little wary as I did go out in years past to experience people running, throwing elbows and being rude.  Nothing about that exemplifies Christmas to me.
Last year, my daughter talked me into going out to Target, and I was pleasantly surprised by the deals.  This year, I decided I must partake as my lack of present accumulation, my commitment to only buying what people want, and my penchant for saving money were all clambering to be put into action.  My daughter and her friend were kind enough to join me!  :-)

Add to this I was offered a lovely shoppertunity to check out Target’s sales, and it was on.  (You can see my pictorial excursion on Pinterest.)

How did it go?  GRRRREAT!  The lines were insane, but we got into the store in less than seven minutes and giddy up!

I saved hand over fist on items for my sister’s family, my dad’s family, my sister-in-law and my good friend! Yes!   I was really impressed that Target had everything in stock!

Then, the next day, my son wanted to go to the mall, and I stopped into JCPenney.  The doorbusters were still going on and STILL in stock.  I picked up about ten more gifts.

I think I’m hooked!  What do I list as the benefits of Black Friday:

1.       A fun excursion with family or friends to kick off the holiday

2.       Saving Cha-Ching

3.       Getting gifts right before the holiday so you know they are wanted

4.       Saving Cha-Ching

5.       Regaining a little faith in retailers when good items are reasonably priced and in stock

6.       The fun of sharing my treasures with friends as we talk about our finds

7.       The joy of giving

I’m not saying you’ll ever find me camped out in front of a store, but I do think Black Friday just might become one of my new traditions.

How about you?  Did you shop on Black Friday?  Did you enjoy the experience?  What were your favorite finds? 


  1. Hi April!
    Thanks for following! I'm now following you too!

  2. We don't celebrate Black Friday in our country but given a chance to save Cha chings for my loved ones, then I would do shopping spree on such good deals too! So I'm with you! Happy Thanksgiving! Dropping by from vB and I'm a new follower :)

  3. Sounds like you had a great time shopping with your kids. And got some great deals too. What a wonderful Black Friday experience!-)


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