Sunday, November 13, 2011

God Has Blessed America - Won't You sendCheer?

Thursday, I wrote about the contributions of our military including my grandfather’s time in WWII.  The purpose was to illustrate an easy way we can recognize our service men and women through sendCheer.  Today, at church, we honored the men of the congregation both living and passed who have spent time in uniform defending our freedoms.

This service really moved me.  There was a slideshow showing many of the men in their uniforms, some on foreign fronts.  An In Memoriam section reminded us of those who have passed on, but who had worn the uniform as well.  Afterwards, those who have or who are serving were asked to the front.  We applauded, we prayed, and then the entire church had the opportunity to shake each person’s hand and say Thank You!  It felt so good to say those two words knowing that our military sacrifice their time, their energy and sometimes their lives so that my family can live and worship freely. 

Cheerios is running the sendCheer campaign right now.  Stores like WalMart are carrying specially marked boxes that include a postcard you can simply cut out and mail in.   

What a quick and easy way to let those serving know they matter.  It’s a handshake for those you may never meet, but deserve to hear “Thank you!”

My middle son is very interested in the military and especially the timeframe of WWII.  As I noted, he just received his great-grandfather’s Japanese Ariskaka rifle from my father.  This is a heirloom he will treasure and plans to one day give to his children.  Both he and my youngest son were excited to learn about the sendCheer campaign.

I asked him to take the time to sit down and fill out the Cheerios postcard as a chance to thank a soldier.  He was happy to do it.  He wasn’t quite sure what to write and wished he could thank the recipient in person like he did the men of the church today, but I assured him his short message will mean a lot to whomever receives it.  We’ll get the postcard in the mail tomorrow. 

For each postcard received  between now and November 30th, Cheerios will also donate $1 to the USO in addition to the $150,000 they have already donated up to $100,000. “There are more than 1.4 million active duty military members supported by more than 3.6 million family members, and 70 percent of married active duty military members have children.”  Wouldn't it be great if each of the 1.4 million could recieve a card?

Won’t you take a moment to send a little cheer? 
***This post has been compensated as part of a sponsored charitable opportunity for CollectiveBias#CBias #sendcheer

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