Friday, November 25, 2011

How Christmas Ornaments Reflect Our Family's Unique Personalities

This year we got an extra special treat!  I was offered a shoppertunity by #CBias to spend $50 on holiday ornaments at Kmart.

We LOVE holiday decorating.  Ok, I LOVE holiday decorating, and, most years, my passion for the season rubs off on my family.  We always decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, so this opportunity came at just the perfect time.
I immediately went to the Kmart holiday web page to see what the selection was like.  687 ornaments to choose from – wow! 

I perused and thought about how fun it would be to by a new theme of ornaments to put on the tree.  Then, I realized, it would be even more fun to let each person just pick a couple they loved so that he/she could enjoy putting them on the tree in years to come.   My daughter, my hubby and my two younger boys were able to go.  My oldest son had to work. 
When we arrived we were amazed at all the choices.  They were nicely arranged so that you could get a sense of what each theme would be like on your tree.  But – we weren’t after a theme, we were after ornaments to fit our personalities.

My daughter has a fun and silly personality.  She immediately gravitated to the Christmas pickle.  Yes, you read that right – pickle.  Apparently, it comes complete with legend.  You bury it inside the tree and on Christmas morn everyone looks for it.  This encourages the family to focus on the beauty of Christmas rather than the presents.  She also went with a little red, glass mitten.  Very cute!

My middle son is more pragmatic.   Additionally, being a young teen, he was more interested in his text messaging than selecting ornaments.  He did finally go with blue snowflakes.  I can appreciate this selection as we redid the living room in blue this year, so it’ll be nice to add some blue to the tree.

I went with icicles.  There’s just something lovely about icicles hanging on a Christmas tree reminding me of the wintery weather outdoors and the season that Christmas is celebrated in.  My family always had icicles on their tree and my mother-in-law does as well. I’m happy well have some on our tree this year too!

I also went with some lovely red cranberry balls.  They just seemed very elegant and stylish to me.  I don't know how stylish they'll be alongside a pickle, but, hey, that's our family!  :-)

The youngest son and the hubby are animal lovers.  Youngest went with a silly penguin doing a belly flop.  It made him laugh when he saw it, so he had to have it.  He added to it a lovelybird from the blue collection so the penguin wouldn’t be the only new fowl and thus lonely. 

Hubby – he loves dogs.  He’s foolish over our deaf Boston Terrier, Daisy.  The didn’t have a Boston ornament, which is OK because we already have a few, so he went with Snoopy and another dog from the Country Living Vintage Collection.  Very representative of him.

I’d even more excited to get the tree up this year so we can add our additions to it.  We’ll be decorating Saturday night when my older son can be home to do it with us.  Yes, I’ll post the ornaments on the tree so you can see how it all turns out. 

What fun it was letting each person pick!  I never would have picked a penguin or a pickle myself, but the tree will mean so much more as it continues to reflect our eclectic and wonderfully unique family.

If you’d like to see our whole shopping experience, check out my Google+ album here.

Thank you to #CBias Collective Bias for the chance to make new memories with my family this holiday season as we move toward enjoying the celebration of the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ!

***  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias

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