Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Converting Photographs to Digital using iMemories #CBias #Preserving Memories

I remember when my first child was born - my camera was an extension of my own body.  That child had more pictures taken of her than Marilyn Monroe.  I made my weekly trip to the convenience store to drop off film and anxiously await the return of my precious memories.  Of course, more times that not, I'd look through my 24 shot role only to find several duplicates and the occassional picture of my thumb, knee or big toe. 

When digital camera came out - I was on it!  Of course, I love all things tech.  But, the idea of being able to take virtually unlimited photos and to simply delete those I didn't want was very appealing.  In addition to that, I could store these memories away safely without worry they'd melt in the attic or turn yellow or get thumbprints all over them, or simply get lost.

What to do with those pre-digi photographs I had laying around?

The hubby and I began converting many of them to digital using the household printer/scanner.

This is a tedious process, but one we deemed worth it.  We'd scan for a while, then lose steam and quit for a while.  We've even offered young'uns compensation for a day spent chained to the scanner.

There is one tub of photos that I just can't seem to get around to scanning.

They are wonderful photos, but my motivation has utterly waned.  In to the rescue comes a wonderful shoppertunity where I was able to use iMemories for the conversion and the UPS Store for mailing and delivery!  Yay!

The hubby and I sorted through the tub of photos removing the blurry, duplicate and unidentifiable. 

Out of a LARGE stack of photos - we came up with 123 we really wanted converted.

Off to the UPS Store I went.  Mailing it out was quick and easy - yay!  They even packaged it for me!

About week after I sent them off, iMemories emailed me letting me know that my memories had been received, and I could choose whether to have them simply converted, put on DVD and sent to me or whether I wanted to use their online program to sort and lable the photos.  I said - just send them to me! 

They arrived today!  They were meticulously packaged so as to ensure no damage - I really appreciate that!

Here is my tub of memories all in jpg format.  You KNOW some of these will end up on this blog!  :-)

I have to say - it's a bit expensive, but, honestly, memories are priceless!  Having them on DVD and eventually stored in the cloud will ensure I can harken back to days gone by worry free.  What a great opportunity to preserve my children's growing up years right at a time they are starting to leave the nest!

*** This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias #Preserving Memories

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  1. I may need to look into this. With two small boys my digital camera is like an extra limb. haha!
    I have always loved pictures though, and I have so many prints that I would love to convert!

    Thank you also for commenting on my Thanksgiving blog post. I appreciate the follow and after checking out your blog I am gladly following back. :) Looking forward to further posts!


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