Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Avoiding Homeschool Burnout

This week's blog cruise asks: How do you avoid burn-out?

We’ve only been homeschooling for three years. I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a single morning that I woke up and thought – “I don’t want to do school today.” However, I cannot say the same for my boys. It’s not that they hate school; it’s just that they are kids and would much rather play all day than sit and do school work.

So, how do I avoid burnout for them? I can tell when they are to the point where the regular routine is stressing them a little. That’s usually when I try to mix things up. Either I take them out to lunch, or schedule a field trip, or find a new way to approach our topic using a hands-on project.

Throughout the school year we have planned activities. They are in something every day of the week except Friday. In addition to that, I try to incorporate learning experiences like trips to the symphony, opera, museums, science days, etc. to help broaden their learning experience. We just got back from a trip to the ski slopes for the first time! That was a blast!

To us, at least, burn-out happens when the routine gets old. Shake things up a little and then settle back in. That's how we do it…

How do you avoid burn-out?

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