Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Memoir - Week 18

Yesterday was 65 and beautiful. Today it is supposed to be in the forties and rainy. What a difference a day makes! At least the nice day was on the weekend! Here’s Monday Memoir:

Where did you go on your first date?

Gosh, I’m trying to remember my first date. I remember going to a school dance with a boy when I was in Junior High – that might be my first “date”. His name was Matt Kerr. How funny I remember that since I can’t remember the name of most people I meet. Just popped in my head. He went to a different school and we met taking swim lessons together. We went for ice cream afterwards. I don’t remember if we even saw each other again after that…

Do you still remember your first love?

Sure. I think we all probably do. It was in high school - my senior year. He was a year behind me. We dated for a few months, and then he had to move out of town. I was devastated. We’ve stayed in touch over the years as friends. Sometimes we go years without contacting one another, but then we’ll end up emailing or making a phone call. Odd how that person, whether they remain your friend or not, always seems to stick with you.

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