Thursday, January 13, 2011

RelaxZen Shots Review and GIVEAWAY

RelaxZen Shots

Ages: Adult

Being a busy mother of four who home schools, works from home and blogs, I was excited by the opportunity to try RelaxZen Day/Night shots. According to the web site, RelaxZen Day “works with your body to de-stress your mind, increase your focus and balance your mood.” While RelaxZen night, “help(s) you get the best night's sleep you have ever had.”

I can certainly use more focus and calm in my day and quality sleep in my nights, so I gave them a try.

RelaxZen Night was very effective in helping me relax. If you’re like me, when the head hits the pillow for rest, the brain starts running. I have trouble settling in and slowing my brain down so that I can sleep. I don’t want a sleeping aid because I wake up in the morning groggy and dragging my feet. That is no fun! After trying RelaxZen, I found it just helped me to relax. The next morning I awoke not feeling any after effects. This is huge! Something to help me sleep without ruining the next day.

The RelaxZen Day got the perfect test drive: the first week back to school (both homeschool and my online classes) after the holiday. It is typically hard for both me and the kids to focus the first day back, which leads to me not being entirely calm. I did feel calmer. Part of this might be psychosomatic, I knew I took something to be calmer so my brain decided I WAS calmer. Either way, it was good to get through the day without any hair pulled out, nobody was grounded, and my online classes got off to a good start.

Finally, what I liked about RelaxZen was that it didn’t taste bad. I will NOT take liquid medicine – something about that taste is a total turnoff for me. I’d rather suffer and drive to the store to buy pills than have to swallow liquid medicine. I was leery of the shots because of this. I would typically steer way clear of liquid. However, I was committed, so – bottoms up! They taste good! Like a fruity drink, not medicine-like at all. Big plus!

Overall, as you can read, I had a very positive experience. RelaxZen offers a whole line of shots – Day/Night, Flight Day/Night for travel (I’ll be trying this one), and Sport.

These shots can be found at several of the local pharmacy chains as well as other stores. The website will help you to locate them. Thank you to RelaxZen for the opportunity to try your shots.

You can get 10% off plus free shipping from with the code SMILE.

RelaxZen's new Facebook page can be found here:


NOW – if you’re interested, RelaxZen has generously given me three sample boxes to give away to my readers. If you could use a little more calm in your day and sleep in your night, do one or more of the following:

1. Leave a comment on my blog

2. Leave a comment on Facebook

3. Blog about this giveaway (leave me a link in the comments)

4. Follow my blog then leave a comment

You can have up to four entries. I’ll pick three entries at random to receive a sample.

Submit your entry by January 17th. I’ll notify the winners on the 18th to get shipping information.

Good luck!

***  This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: RelaxZen for this review.
**** As with any health product, be sure to consult a physician before using.


  1. I'm a college student at ECU, and I have a lot of trouble sleeping at night. I pretty much can lay there for hours thinking about numerous things that come to mind. I've recently been using Melatonin, it's basically a dietary supplement that promotes sleep. It works pretty good, but if your saying this helps relax you, I'd love to give it a shot!

  2. Sounds like you had a positive experience. Being a college student, having a drink that would allow me to focus and remain calm seems ideal! :)


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