Saturday, January 29, 2011

It all Started with a Chair...

We finally did it – we bought new furniture!

Now, I’m nervous. The hubby wanted different, as did I, so we went, well, different… See, I’m a traditional kind of gal, and my current furniture is very traditional. We’ve had browns and burgundys and golds forever.

This time I fell in love with a chair.  Such a pretty chair - don't you think?  Organic, yet modern?  That led to the purchase of pale blue, beige and chocolate furniture with contemporary tables, lamps, etc. Yikes! I mean, it’s beautiful in the store, but at home? It’ll be a whole new house… I do love the chair.  It's a really cool chair.

I am excited. We needed a change. Now I just have to take a deep breath and realize a rut isn’t always a good thing and a splash of color won’t hurt anyone.

Right? I am right, aren’t I?

So, I’m starting with the dining room. The red in there has to go too. No biggie, a few pictures, a tablecloth and recovering two valences and wah-lah… All set for the color change. Spray paint will help me rid us of the golds. (I love spray paint!)

The new stuff arrives a week from Tuesday. That will give me time to begin the remodel.

I think we may have started something…

So, what do you think, do you love the chair?


  1. We have that same chair in purple. We love it!

  2. That chair will definitely lighten up our house!

  3. I do love the chair!! I want to see pix of the room when you get your new furniture in there!! Please post some. :D

    When we built our house a few years ago, we didn't want to do white or off-white paint in the house. My husband wouldn't have minded at all--he's a traditional, don't fix what's not broken kind of guy. I just couldn't stand the thought of white white white everywhere, though. For that reason, we don't have one single white wall in the whole house. Not one. There is color everywhere. And guess what? We love it! I hope you enjoy your new furniture just as much!!

  4. Fun! I can't wait to see:) We have been searching for a new look for my living room--it is hard to choose!

  5. I love that chair. Have fun with the remodeling!
    I am a new follower from the TOS crew and am looking forward to reading more posts.

  6. That modern wing chair is so pretty! I love the art nouveau design-and-color theme. I’m sure it will go great with some gold-yellow walls and beige carpets. Pair that with a solid colored, non-printed throw pillow and it’ll look even better.


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