Sunday, January 23, 2011

Monday Memoir - Week 17

As you read this, we should be gliding down the ski slopes.  Say a prayer it's gliding and not falling if you would please!  I'm looking forward to reading your posts!
Here are the two questions for this week.  Grab them, post them, then come on back and link up. 

What pets did your family have growing up?

Describe your best or worst experience with an animal.

What pets did your family have growing up?

When I was young, we had two main pets. A standard chocolate French poodle named Pierre and a cat named Princess. Pierre was my family’s pet before I came along. Princess was a stray cat that mutually adopted us.

As I grew older, Pierre died. That was very hard to take. We took in two more strays – a German shepherd we called Boots and a Pointer we called Betsy.

Then came the two bunny’s – Tiny and Tina.

Princess died from throat cancer, Tina from impacted hair and Tiny lived a long life before departing.

My mom is crazy about animals. Personally, I like having pets if they add value to the family, but I’m not overboard about them.

Describe your best or worst experience with an animal.

I used to love horses. Still do, I just recognize the time, money and effort involved in keeping them now. Trail riding is fun. Would like the opportunity to do that more.

My worst experience, however, would have to be with the dogs that lived down the street from us when I was in about third or fourth grade. The family kept the dogs locked in the garage day and night. As a result, they had turned mean. One day I was walking down the street and somehow they got out and attacked me. Luckily, it was during winter in Wyoming, so I was heavily layered. The owners ran out immediately and pulled them off. I ended up with just a bruised stomach. That was lucky! Makes me very wary of loose dogs, however.

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